Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The current  challenge over at DoubleTroublePapercrafting blog is Kids/Babies birthday/Special occasion so I made a tag as an entry. Head over and check them out, you may win something!! 

Since my illness, Guillain Barre Syndrome took my ability to work away, I have been challenged by my identity. Before GBS, I was a self-employed Financial Planning Advisor.  I really enjoyed the scheduled life and being able to help others thru the financial pitfalls. After GBS, I couldn't handle scheduled appointments because I would often not be able to keep them, be it counselling, volunteering or other outings, with family or friends. The other thing GBS left me was anxiety attacks. I did not even know what it was when it happened! Luckily I only have a few a year, but I am still not able to count on how my body will feel from one minute to the next. I look "normal", but have so many strange residuals that even I am surprised by them. I was one of those who believed mind over matter and if I didn't have GBS I could not imagine the strange sensations I can feel! 
Prayerful hugs to all.
This is a card I made today, for a challenge over at DoubleTroublePapercrafting blog, that I thought ended July 31, 2019, but actually ended July 21.  These goils seem to have a lot of fun and have all kinds of different challenges!
(My short term memory has really been affected badly since I had Guillain Barre Syndrome in 2000. GBS is a rare autoimmune illness that isn't well known and can act differently from patient to patient. It can be fatal and is hard to diagnose because the symptoms present as other illnesses, and Dr.s aren't familiar with GBS. Unfortunately, most patients are not believed even if they are unable to stand! I was lucky; I ended up paralyzed from the waist down within 3 days of pins and needles in my legs and feeling disconnected to my limbs like a marionette doll! 24 hours later, I was paralyzed from the neck down. A Dr. 2 hours away knew it was GBS and started treatment right away, after telling us that if I left the hospital I would die because the other hospital wouldn't know what to do when I stopped breathing. More in another post!)
I hope you like the card, the challenge was Santa on the Beach. I enjoyed making it, once I had my percolating hat on!
My next post is for the actual current challenge on Double Trouble Papercrafting

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Here are 3 cards made for a had to be Christmas Free for All and the next one had to be watercolour and the last had to be Christmas trees.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Holy moly, time goes by so fast!! It's almost mid July.  Our winter was the longest and most snow for decades. Now we didn't even have a Spring, it went from "Hey, the snow is almost gone" to 30 Celcius (86 F) from June!! I didn't even get into my flower beds because it has been too hot. But after this winter, I am definitely not complaining! I finally got my tomato and Jalapeno peppers in my raised bed yesterday! We had a really big rain storm with thunder and lightening on Friday afternoon and overnight, but the garden was dry as a bone. We watered it this afternoon, Sat.

I have been busy crafting my heart out since winter and I usually do 2 or 3 swaps with one of the online groups, so it gives me many ideas! I really enjoy being on the DTs of Angie's Digital Stamps groups; Getcreativechallenge blog and Simplycreatetoo blog.

I have been chronically ill from Guillain Barre Syndrome since August 2000, and one of the worst symptoms is how my brain works, it does not always remember how to do things. That is the main reason I play Candy Crush Saga, but it still can't figure out more than one move!! I have a hard time remembering how to get the images from the pages for the DT's.

Here are a few more things I have made since my last post...I hope that my creations give you the crafting bug, whether it's paper, material, wood or anything else your heart desires.